The evil priests and clergymen will tell you time and time again that Trick or Treat is an American Invention which 'we' don't want imported into the U.K.  This play on anti-Americanism is beyond even their dignity because anyone with half an education knows that the Trick or Treat games were originally British and were continued to be played and enjoyed by ordinary folk in Scotland right up unto the 1890s and beyond.  How dare they insult the intelligence of British people in this way - All the 'Tricks and Treats' and simple divination games  which are part of an enjoyable Halloween were included in Robbie Burns'  classic poem 'HALLOWEEN' written as long ago as 1785! 

 The original 'Braid Scots' version of Burn's Halloween poem can be seen and compared at various places on the net -
Click here for a good one.

The Halloween Card shown above is dated circa 1905. It is entitled 'A Late Caller!' and depicts two little boys tricking an old woman by ringing her bell and then holding up a ghost-puppet to shock the old girl when she comes to the window. This is categorical proof of the trick-or treat activities which were occurring as a natural part of the Halloween Celebrations over one hundred years ago. These harmless traditions are still a welcome mainstay of the modern festivities but Uriah Heap types in the Church of England want to fool you into thinking they are an American import.

See how these churchmen lie to you?


This is an important point, because although the Church of England has put in place 'cosmetic' action to supposedly help stop risk to children from child-abusing priests and vicars they have always adopted the public relations exercise of trying to wave away the risk as small and inconsequential, unlike their comments and allegations about Halloween which have been diametrically exaggerated. 

The churchmen would like you to believe that child abusing priests are a rare exception but if you look at this research here ( http://www.saff.ukhq.co.uk/
sickvics.htm )
you will be absolutely shocked and astonished that three new cases of children being abused by clergymen occur EVERY SINGLE WEEK and this fact is usually covered up by the churches and the Establishment. A smokescreen about imagined threats to children who enjoy Halloween makes far better copy for the defunct British press! But now they can't pull the wool over YOUR eyes because you have the facts to hand ....

Baroness Butler-Sloss Criticises Church of England over Sex Abuse

Church of England senior clergy have been criticised over how they dealt with claims of sex abuse by two Sussex paedophile priests.

Lord Butler Sloss said that across the diocese "and probably in many other dioceses" there had been "a lack of understanding of the seriousness of historic child abuse". Senior clergy, including bishops, were slow to act on information available to them and to assess the potential risk to children in the diocese, she added.

She also said there was inadequate communication between senior clergy and child protection advisors in the diocese, and there was "seriously inadequate record keeping".

Colin Pritchard served as the vicar of St Barnabas, Bexhill, until 2007 after being arrested over sex abuse claims. In 2008 he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two boys and was jailed for five years. The offences took place while he was parish priest at St Andrew's Church in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Roy Cotton worked as a priest in Brede, near Rye, in the 1990s despite being convicted of a sexual offence in 1954.

Original Article:

Is Halloween As Dangerous to Kids as The Child Abusing Vicars In The Church of England?
Or is their anti-Halloween campaign just a smokescreen to cover-up for the CofE taking its eye off the ball?

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We want to hear your views for and against

We expose the Church of England's anti-Pagan Axis

Click here for the secrets of how Anglicans are being suckered into a revised Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Scare.

Welcome to Halloween Choice!

Every year in the lead up to Halloween both children and their parents become excited when anticipating the harmless fun and harum-scarum to be had at this ancient Pagan festival.   It is clear that most supermarkets and local shops cater widely for Halloween revellers and it has become almost as big a commercial hit as Christmas itself.  This website is dedicated to provide information and facilities to thoroughly enjoy the festival of Halloween and show you how you can safely look forward to it every year without having to run the gauntlet of the lies and  sectarian propaganda put out by the Church of England in its attempts to devalue the religious beliefs of pagans worldwide.  

Of course, the people who run the Church of England would never DARE attack Moslem, Hindu or Jewish festivals and twist the true meaning of these religions into some kind of imagined child-abuse but then the Cof E can't keep its own house in order anyway as it's failure to control its evangelical wing has clearly shown.  The anti-homosexual evangelical wing has virtually taken over and is now terrorising  liberal vicars in a new Protestant Inquisition. Their campaign to ban Halloween is simply the next step.   Of course it would help if these troublemaking evangelists who are constantly trying to frighten parents with supposed threats to their children, came clean and admitted that when compared with the  increasing incidences of the abuse of thousands of children by priests and vicars world-wide,  the threat to children from Halloween is non-existent when compared with sick churchmen who do the vilest things to small children.   In fact, as police enquiries have shown, in many instances the churches work to protect child abusing priests and find them hidey holes so they cannot be brought to book.  Is the Church of England's campaign against Halloween and paganism simply a smoke-screen to misdirect the public's attention away from child-abusing priests?  Make up your own mind using the links on this website, but you don't have to be Grim and think of these things at Halloween this year - you can just enjoy yourself instead and allow your children safe harmless fun, free from the scaremongering of hypocrites from the Church of England. 

Lest We Forget......

Visitors to HalloweenChoice.Org may not remember that  it was fundamentalist Christians like those taking a crack at  the pagan religion over Halloween, who started the Satanic Panic of the 1990s in which 86 Children and their innocent parent's lives were utterly destroyed by viscious scaremongering by churchmen who intended to  devalue, discredit and turn the population against non-Christian beliefs by making the most atrocious untrue allegations about babies being cooked in microwave ovens and then eaten.  

Astonishing though it sounds in the cold light of today these utterly untrue allegations caused a wave of intolerance and pushed the authorities into wasting over 26 million pounds worth of taxpayers money on a sequence of false investigations resulting from the  figment of the  imaginations of Clerics like the ones who are now warning you about Halloween.  That 26 million could have gone to protect and succour children in real need but  was completey wasted due to the bigoted, short-sighted, self-interest of  ignorant do-gooders who thought they could stampede public opinion against competing beliefs and stop their pews emptying by the thousands due to their congregations having detected the inadequacy of the Church of England to today's world.  

So here is your Halloween Choice brothers and sisters.  You can listen to the lies of churchmen as you did before, and hide your head in the sand, thinking that you are 'helping' some child somewhere, whilst stopping children having fun at Halloween.  Or you can tell the snipe nosed killjoys that their evil propaganda only serves to display their true worth (or lack of it) and that you refuse to bow to their control mechanisms and will ensure that you and your children, and the children down your street, have a happy time this Halloween.  

Halloween causes irrepairable Damage to Children?

The Church of England is campaigning to get major retailers to stop stocking Halloween Joke masks and costumes. They insist that dressing up can somehow cause irrepairable long-term psychological damage! Does this also apply to their Nativity Plays?, After all I once saw a person dressed up as virtually naked man hanging on a cross with blood running down his head from thorns piercing his scalp and with a gaping gash in his abdomen dripping blood whilst having nails hammered through his hands and feet into a wooden cross. We certainly wouldn't want children to see something like that would we?

Anyone with any common sense knows that the only irrepairable damage Halloween causes is to the future of killjoys in the Church of England because ordinary folk are sick to the eye-teeth of listening to these harbingers of doom trying to stop children having fun and enjoying themselves.

This 1496 woodcut depicts a rotting corpse carrying it's own coffin and is a good example of the Christian abberation of 'memento mori' - illustrations designed to remind the populace of the immanence of their own death and terrorise them into compliance with Christian religious doctrines. The church has a long history of horrific depictions of this kind yet has the cheek to complain about Halloween!


It is one thing for a trendy activist vicar to give his opinions about Halloween in the local rag; it is quite another for the Church of England to officially back the persecution and degredation of another religion. A decade ago the CofE were at the forefront of attempts at multifaith to try to bring diverse and different faiths together. This Intefaith mission was backed by the U.K. government because of its vital importance to the inclusion of racial and religious minorities within British society. How do these sentiments pan out today when multiculturalism has been put on the political back burner and bigots in the Anglican Church are allowed to insult another religion with these untrue allegations over Halloween?

Now YOU can register your opinion by adding your name and city to our Petition which will be sent to Lambeth Palace to alert the Archbishop of Canterbury to what evangelists are doing in his name.

Dear Rowan Williams,
This petition is to make you aware that
Halloween (Samhain) is one of the most sacred religious festivals of British Pagans and the Anglican backed campaign to ban it is an insult to all free-thinkers and may very well fall under the new religious hatred laws. Your clerics are directly breaching the human rights of pagans everywhere by this action. We are writing to demand that you stop fuelling religious hatred forthwith.

Add your name to our secure Petition here

Alternatively / supplementally you can register your views directly with Lambeth Palance
by leaving an email at this link http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/102
Note: If you do not want to use your own email address you can use mine johnshepherd@mailcatch.com
PLEASE BE CIVIL and mention http://halloweenchoiceorg.bravehost.com

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We expose the Church of England's anti-Pagan Axis

Click here for the secrets of how Anglicans are being suckered into a revised Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Scare.

  LATEST, CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCANDAL - Eli Ward Accuses Anglican hierarchy of covering up for Child Abusing Priests on ITN news

The Church of England Warns Parents About The
'Dangers' of Halloween but as Eli Ward's sad experience shows, it is Children IN THE CARE OF THE CHURCH who are in real danger.

Whilst these disgusting CofE preachers were repetitively abusing children in their care the Anglican Church had the audacity in 2008 to begin a countrywide campaign urging their churches to attack the pagan festival of Halloween as being a danger to children!

The insinuation in the CofE's campaign is that children could be preyed upon by Witches! Such evil words would be a sick joke if it was not so serious.  This national campaign was spearheaded by the Manchester Diocese (see here) but was officially condoned by Lambeth palace, the highest level in the Church of England.  It was the Church's political response to the growing establishment of Neo-Paganism as a proper religion.  How ironic it is then to learn that, Robert Waddington the man who so badly serially abused Eli Ward from the age of eleven, was the Dean of Manchester Cathedral.   Backpedalling quickly the Manchester Diocese,  said it was aware of Ward's allegations against its former Dean and was

" working cooperatively with the parties concerned."

This is in stark contrast to when it refused to answer our complaints of them making up lies about Halloween and inferring pagans harmed children because of it!  Being completely unable to produce any evidence to bolster their Halloween claim they avoided the issue by refusing to answer our correspondence. 

It didn't help their case much when it was revealed that claims of abuse at the hands of Waddington were previously made by pupils at a residential school in Queensland, Australia, where he was headmaster from 1961 to 1970 before he became a member of the Manchester Diocese.

Another Church of England Vicar Arrested...

Another vicar has been arrested by police as part of a child abuse investigation. The Rev Chris Hanson, 63, the minister at Ascension parish church in Custom House, east London, was driven away from his vicarage in Beckton. He was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on behalf of Thames Valley Police, who are in
charge of the investigation.

The Church of England minister has now been suspended "without prejudice" by officials from the Diocese of Chelmsford.

The Yard said: "A man of 63 was arrested in Beckton for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity offences."

Original Article:

Church of England ordained known paedophile

An official report has said it was believed paedophile priest Roy Cotton had at least 10 victims Letters from 1966 between the then Archbishop of Canterbury and a bishop show the Church agreed that a convicted paedophile should be ordained. Original Article:

Does Holier-than-though anti-Halloween Campaign Protect Kids or Keep the Cof E Rank-and-File Busy Giving Sex Abusing Priests More Room to Manouvre?

Spanish Halloween 


Look how other nations also let their kids celebrate Halloween and have a fun time! This Spanish Poster advertising a Halloween Fiesta and Disco was published in 2009 and a great time was apparently had by all even though there is no cultural connection between the Catholic All Soul's Day and Celtic Halloween/Samhain in the Mediterranean. Why is the Church of England so frightened of the popularity of Halloween in Britain?